Our Team

We are a happy, vibrant setting with caring, highly skilled staff who have expertise in early years learning and family support.

Our school staff team are totally committed to our shared aims, values and ethos, determined to provide the best start for every child.

Staff List

Headteacher / SENCORachel Edwards
Office Manager
Admin Assistant
Zoe Field
Susan Brown
Vicki Watts

Gary Maddams
Nicola Harris
Amanda Locke
Coral Sherman
Belinda Norman
Reception ( Apple Class)

Teaching Assistants

1 to 1 Support
Miss Parnell & Mrs
Erika Tyror-Taylor
Kay Pullinger
Michelle Price
Year 1 (Oak Class)
Year 1 (Willow Class)
Teaching Assistants
Anna Jones
Sonia Kennett / Mrs Hacker
Kippy Hope
Heather Morgan
Helen Wells
Michelle Salter
Year 2 (Birch Class)
Year 2 (Lime Class)
Teaching Assistants

1 to 1 Support
Laura Young
Emma Giles
Kerry Snell
Wendy Glew
Jeanine Squibb
Toni Shipway
Sarah Greaves
Lunchtime SupervisorsMichelle Baxter
Leah Bruton
Julie Harris
Cheryl Hughes
Jemma Nicholls
Pamela White

Nursery Manager
Early Years SENCO

Pre-School Room Leader


Louise King
Mel Miles

Katy Neale
Mandy Edmond
Sharon Tucker
Rachael Whyman

Sandra Lapidge
Kelly Anderson

Emma Berg-Saward