Stonehouse Park Infant School Curriculum Statement

The curriculum is everything that a child experiences in school. We believe that our curriculum should be broad, balanced, engaging and relevant and inspire every child to learn. It must ensure continuity and progression for all children and meet their individual learning needs.

We are committed to providing an environment which allows all children to develop to their fullest potential throughout all areas of the curriculum. We do not place a limit on our expectations of what children should be able to achieve. It is our aim that through positive encouragement and praise, all children should have sufficient confidence to tackle anything.

Our approach to learning reflects the value we place on each individual. Each child is able to learn at his/her pace according to ability. This means that although there are overall curriculum guidelines and objectives (i.e. The Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum) each individual child’s curriculum is differentiated according to his/her needs.

We consider that throughout the first, very important stage of a child’s formal education, learning should not appear to be fragmented and irrelevant to his/her world and previous experiences. This learning takes place through a topic-based approach so that the concepts, skills and attitudes which all children develop enable them to understand that knowledge has cross-curricular links.

The guidance and professional expertise of the teachers and teaching assistants encourage all children to become independent learners, as we place great emphasis on learning as a life-long activity. They are encouraged to reflect on and carry out self-evaluation of the work that they have done. We hope that the curriculum we provide will stimulate and excite in all children a thirst for knowledge and discovery.

All teachers keep detailed, accurate records of children’s progress, which are always available for parents/carers to see and which are used as a diagnostic tool for planning appropriate learning experiences.

In this way we can provide a curriculum suitable for individual needs and ensure that it is broad, balanced and relevant.

Our ‘Star Learner’ competences help children understand and acquire the important life -long learning skills and competences they will need not only during their years in education but also to lead successful lives.

  • I try my best (motivation, commitment, quality)
  • I keep going, I don’t give up(resilience, perseverance)
  • I am brave, I have a go (confident, creative, courageous)
  • I concentrate and listen well (open-minded)
  • I learn and play well with others (co-operation)