At Stonehouse Park Infant School, we believe that children have the best chances in life if they are well equipped to become adventurous, caring and thoughtful citizens of the future. Our  Personal, Social and Health Education is a planned, developmental programme of learning designed to help the children to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives, now and as they continue their education into the world of work. It is based on the New Pink Curriculum, from  Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning.

We want all our children to be able to…..

To try new things- Enjoy new experiences. Join clubs or groups.

To work hard- Enjoy working hard in a range of activities. Reflect on how effort leads to success

To concentrate- Search for methods to help with concentration. Develop areas of deep interest.

To improve – Identify a few areas for improvement. Attempt to make improvements.

To push oneself –. Keep trying after a first attempt.

To imagine- Ask some questions in order to develop ideas.

To understand others- Listen to others showing attention

To not give up –Show the ability to stick at an activity

All children are entitled to…

  • learn about values in a practical way that acts as an internal guide in their relationships and approach to learning
  • understand the process of how we become successful learners.
  • learn about their body and how it works
  • learn about how to stay emotionally and physically healthy
  • learn how to solve conflicts when they arise
  • learn about Christianity and other major religions
  • learn about how to keep safe, including on the internet, both in and out of school
  • learn about our school and class rules their rights and responsibilities and respect and responsibilities within our community