Humanities – History & Geography

Humanities: History and Geography

All children in our school participate in Humanities subject. Early Years follow the principles from the EYFS through Understanding the World. It is our vision at Stonehouse Park Infant School that children should be taught the key skills to enable them to become well-rounded and critical learners.

Key Stage One

History and Geography are taught through topic work and children learn both inside and outside of the classroom across the school We believe that children learn not just by reading maps but through asking questions and conducting research to find out why the world is shaped as it is.

Teachers strive to make creative links between foundation and core subjects in order for pupils to learn faster when skills and concepts are applied across subjects.  Children at Stonehouse Park Infant School are taught to apply the skills they learn in History and Geography to support their investigations and work in other areas of the curriculum.


Within the Foundation Stage History and Geography are found under: Understanding the World. This is explored through a range of play based activities and experiences. Understanding the World is split into two distinct focus areas:

People and Communities:

As children learn about the world around them they find out about the past through talking to parents, grandparents and friends. This is the beginning of developing an understanding of the past and helps them to learn about how people are different from them, yet share some of the same characteristics and ideas.

The World:

Understanding the world develops as children take notice of everything around them including places and all the things within them such as trees in the natural environment and roads and traffic in built areas.