At Stonehouse Park Infant School our vision is to provide ‘the BEST start for every child so every child can be the BEST they can be; belonging, encouraging, succeeding, together.

We strive to create a happy, safe, nurturing, inspiring and secure environment where every member of our school community is happy, healthy, enjoy learning, achieve their potential, respect and value each other and themselves.

As an Inclusive School and Nursery, the well-being and learning of every child matters.

Inclusion is a universal human right and it means that we welcome and include all people irrespective of their race, their gender, their religion, their socio- economic background, their disabilities, their educational, medical or other needs. Inclusion means giving equal access and opportunities and getting rid of intolerance and discrimination. In schools inclusion means the rights of all children to access education alongside their peers. Inclusion means ensuring equality of opportunity for all children.

At Stonehouse Park Infant School we aim to provide a culture of inclusion and diversity where success is celebrated and every member of our school community feels proud of their identity and able to participate fully in every aspect of school life. We have a zero tolerance to any discrimination and will ensure an environment which champions respect for all.

All children are special, but for some children, at some time in their lives, they need extra help to achieve their full potential. Some children will have particular needs which affect their learning, behaviour or development. Our Headteacher Rachel Edwards is our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-Ordinator (SENDCO).  Mrs Edwards workings with teachers and teaching assistants to ensure that children with additional needs have the right provision to enable them to make progress and achieve their potential. Children with additional needs will have an individual My Plan or My Plan+ or EHCP with specific objectives to help them. This plan will be developed with teachers, parents and the child working together. Once in place this plan will be reviewed regularly and new objectives will be set to help the child move on along their individual learning pathway.

In our experience it is not unusual for children to experience difficulties at some stage but with early identification and assessment, together with specialist support when necessary, we endeavour to ensure that all our children make good progress.

We continue to work to ensure that our facilities are accessible for all. We have a ramp to access our main entrance and we have a lift to access the different levels of our school. We have accessible toilet and changing facilities and a shower.

To ensure that children with disabilities are not treated less favourably than other pupils, we regularly review provision and, for some pupils, this is done formally with the involvement of external agencies.  Our Governors ensure that children with additional needs join in everyday activities with other children and are not discriminated in any way.

Please come in and talk to us about your child’s needs or if you have any concerns about your child.  We will do our very best to help.

At Stonehouse Park Infant School we will also work with parents and carers whose children have special talents and or abilities. We will work together to provide the appropriate level of challenge, support and opportunity to ensure these children extend their development.

Able, Gifted and Talented School and home work together to identify children with special abilities and seek to extend their development.