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Fond Farewell & Good Luck

Today we said goodbye to Mrs Brown who has worked at the Infant School for 18 years.



The children sang some special songs to her in this mornings assembly and we know she will be greatly missed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Brown for all her hard work and wish her all the best in her new post at a brand new school nearer her home.

Stonehouse Park Federation

We are delighted to introduce to you  ‘Indy’ our School Therapy Dog

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why have a school dog?

A. There are many benefits to having a school dog, including: a calming effect on pupils, particularly those
with behavioural or learning difficulties, improved behaviour and concentration, reduced stress and
improved self-esteem, encouraging expression and participation in more withdrawn children.

Q. What does the school dog do?
A. The dog can help the children relax and give them confidence reading aloud. She also provides
emotional support for some children and time with her can be used as a reward or incentive when needed.

Q. Who is the legal owner of the dog and who pays for its costs?
A. The legal owner of the dog is Mrs Lisa Jones. She will bear the costs associated with owning the dog at
home including pet insurance. The school budget will fund public liability insurance which covers a school
therapy dog as long as stringent measures are in place including a robust risk assessment.

Q. Where is the dog from?
A. The dog is a family pet who was bought as a puppy from a reputable home breeder. The dog is a ShihTzu/Jack Russel cross who has a good temperament and a low moulting coat to try and minimise any fur allergies.

Q. Has a risk assessment been undertaken?
A. Yes, we have carefully considered having a dog in school and sought advice from many sources, including
other schools that successfully have a school dog.
Q. Is the dog trained?
A. Indy has been trained as a family pet and assessed by ‘Pets as Therapy’ as suitable for work in school.
She has volunteered in other schools in the past.
Q. How will the dog be toileted to ensure hygiene for all?
A. In the interest of health and hygiene our school dog will be toileted when taken out for walks around the
Q. Will the dog be a distraction to pupils’ learning?
A. The dog will be kept in the Head’s office to enable the dog to have more space to roam when she is not
working. She may spend time with other staff who will support in caring for the school dog when she is
Q. What if my child is scared of dogs? Will they be forced to be in the same room as the dog?
A. The dog will be kept in the Head’s Office and staff will ensure the school dog only comes into contact with
children who are happy to have contact with her. A child will not be forced to be in contact with the dog at
any time against their wishes. We hope to work closely with parents of children who are fearful of dogs to
alleviate their fear and to teach them how to manage this using evidence based interventions such as graded
Q. How will the dog’s welfare be considered?
A. The dog’s welfare will be carefully monitored. The dog will be walked daily and given free time outside of
sessions to rest and play. The dog will have appropriate access to food, treats, water and toys.
Q. How will this be managed where children have allergies?
A. Children will not need to touch the dog or be in the same room as the dog at any point which will relieve
the possibility of allergic reactions. We already manage a number of allergies at school and this will be no
different for children and adults that are allergic to dogs. Individual needs will always be met and we are
happy to work with parents to put additional control measures in place for individual allergies. She will be
regularly groomed to reduce any possibility of allergens.

School Therapy Dog Policy 2022

School Therapy Dog Risk Assessment 2022

19th July 2021

Dear Parent, Carer,

Please click the following link to view the consultation document and a covering letter in relation to the Federation Proposal between Stonehouse Park Infant School & Park Junior School.

Consultation letter 160721

Federation Proposal July 2021

Consultation response form

The consultation period closes on Monday 20th September 2021.


We extend a very warm welcome back to school for all of our families.

We look forward to working  in partnership with you all again this year to make sure your child has a happy and successful time in school.

Please remember that we are always available to meet with you if you ever have any worries or if there is anything that you need help with.

Our priority for the first few weeks of the school year is to make sure every child is happily settled in their new class and that our staff get to know every child and parent.

To help with this your child’s teacher is arranging some ‘Getting to Know you’ meetings.

This is an opportunity for you to tell your child’s teacher all about them and for the teacher to talk to you about the year ahead. You will also be able to ask any questions.

We do hope that you are able to take this opportunity up.

Thank you for making sure that your child has come back to school looking very smart

in their uniforms.

Please make sure you have named everything  so that the new clothes you have gone to the expense to buy do not go missing.

Thank you.