We want our children to be inspired, enthused and motivated learners. To help us to do this we walk to places in our local community of Stonehouse e.g. the park, churches, library, post office, town council, Doverow Hill.

We also take children to trips to places further away e.g. Weston, Redwood Outdoor Centre. We also invite local people in to share their expertise and skills with us e.g. artists, wildlife experts, fire service, museum staff. We have had visits from the theatre and dancers. For children in school we run a variety of lunchtime and after school clubs.

Each year these will vary depending on the interests of the children. The majority of these clubs are run by staff but we also have specialist coaches and trainers who come and run clubs for us. There is a charge for some of these clubs, We also plan whole school learning days where we work together on specific topics.

“An interesting range of subjects and topics is provided to promote good achievement and outstanding personal development for pupils” Ofsted May 2013

Spiritual, Moral. Social and Cultural Development

Everyone who works in school is responsible for promoting spiritual, moral , social and cultural values to our children.

SMSC is promoted not only through all of the   subjects of the curriculum but also through the ethos of our school. We create the ethos by teaching and modelling positive attitudes and values and by giving the children opportunities to experience and develop these attitudes for themselves.

As a school we have created a set of core     values which underpin every aspect of our school provision:

  • I am caring
  • I am peaceful
  • I am honest
  • I am respectful
  • I am responsible

These values form the basis of our positive  behaviour strategy in school.

Please refer to our Positive Behaviour Policy