How can I help my child?

Talk to your child in the morning about what they will be learning that day. Ask them about their day on the way home.

Read to your child. All children benefit from hearing stories read to them and talking about them.

Share the books your child brings home and encourage them to read to you. If you are unsure how to do this talk to your child’s teacher or key person.

Play board games such as snakes and ladders, do jigsaw puzzles, play card games such as snap, talk about numbers, look for shapes and patterns, count with your child.

Go out to the park and play ball games, ride bikes, go for walks in the countryside e.g. Doverow Hill and point out special things, make collections.

Your child will bring a letter home each term setting out the topic and the learning planned. Please read this and support by talking to your child, getting books from the library, researching on the internet, family days out etc.

Watch T.V and films, play computer games together and talk about them.

Make sure your child has a good night’s sleep, don’t let them watch T.V or play computer games before bedtime. Make sure they have breakfast before coming to school.

Make contributions to their learning journals and files about their learning at home.

Come to parent meetings, assemblies, ‘happy hours’, special events and talk to staff if you ever have any   concerns or questions.

How can I become involved?

Become a parent volunteer. Extra adult supports helps all children. Parents can help with activities to support learning across the curriculum e.g. reading, Forest School, cooking.

Become an active member of Stonehouse Park Infant School PTA. The PTA raise money for our setting through organising a wide variety of family fun activities

Become a parent governor. Governors take a long-term interest in the life of our setting, making sure we provide the very best for every child.

Praise and encourage your child. Have fun together.         

Remember you are creating happy memories for your child.

Please click on each link to view the following leaflets you may find useful: