Our School Day


Our School Day

We are always reviewing the organisation of our school day and our weekly timetable to ensure that we provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum and we maximise the time in school to promote learning in all areas of their development; personal, social and emotional, physical and cognitive.

We take account of the latest research into children’s brain development and the process of learning. We also take into account our knowledge of our children and families so that we can plan our school day and week to maximise learning but also ensure children feel safe, happy and nurtured when they are in school. We do not expect our children to ‘fit into school’ instead we ensure our school day is right for our children.

Our school day usually follows the timetable below but our teachers will adapt the routine of the day to suit the learning needs of the children. Your child’s teacher will tell you which days they have P.E etc. so you can ensure they have the right equipment in school.

8.55 am: Welcome time. Staff open the doors in each year group area and welcome the children into school. Parents are welcome to come into school from 8.40 am to read with their children before the start of the school day. Please come into school via the main entrance and sign in if you are reading with your child.

8.55-9.15 am : Registration time. Children take part in early morning activities e.g. practising their handwriting, working on any difficulties on their learning from the previous day. Adults also use this time to provide extra 1 to 1 support for children. Please note that all side gates and year team gates are locked by 9.05 am. If you arrive after this time you will need to enter via the main entrance.

9.15-9.35: Assembly. The children gather together for assembly every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. On Tuesdays senior teachers lead year group assemblies and on Friday at 1.15 we hold our weekly Time to Shine celebration assembly. Class assemblies are held every term on a Wednesday morning. During assembly times our staff also run intervention programmes to support children with specific areas of learning.

9.35-12.00 and 1.00-3.00: Learning Sessions.  For the first part of the morning children are taught phonics and have a guided reading session. Teachers plan learning activities for their classes to ensure they cover the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage in YR and the National Curriculum in Y1 and Y2 and provide a broad and balanced curriculum. Children are supported to learn in depth and so teachers often plan whole literacy, numeracy, science and  arts days to maximise learning. Teachers ensure the children in their classes have a break during the morning session for snack. They also build in active times during the morning and afternoon sessions. This approach means that the school day is more fluid and not broken up with artificial transition times. We have found that children focus and engage with their learning better and behaviour has improved.

12.00-1.00 pm: Lunchtime

1.00 pm:  Take a Minute. Children are taught strategies to be calm and reflect. Teachers play calm music and children take a minute to breathe deeply and be ready for the afternoon learning session. See above.

3.15: Home time.