School Meals

Universal Free School Meals

As of 1st September 2014 all Infant School children are provided with a hot dinner free of charge.

Our meals are normally provided by Caterlink and are cooked in the Junior school kitchen and brought over to the Infant school servery.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are only offering children a packed lunch.

Please remember that all children at our school are entitled to a free packed lunch. There is a choice of cheese, ham, tuna or egg baguette; we can even accommodate requests of no butter! The children also have some fruit/vegetables and a piece of cake. This packed lunch is healthy and filling. Please refer to the lunchbox guidelines sent out previously if you are providing your own packed lunch. The children do have half an hour to eat their lunch but some children have so much food in their lunch box that they are unable to eat it all and for some children it really is too much. To prevent against choking please make sure that grapes are cut in half. Thank you .

Parents may also choose to provide their child with a packed lunch. We ask that Parents and Carers who choose to provide a packed lunch for the child follow our ‘Healthy Lunchbox’ guidelines.

Caterlink produce Autumn, SpringĀ  and Summer Menus.

Children are always given a choice of meal which is pre-ordered at morning register time.

All school meals have to meet the high standards set by the government for school nutrition.