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For children with

Additional Needs, Special Educational Needs or Disabilities

Who this is for

Identifying children’s needs

Classroom support we provide

Additional support available

Monitoring & reviewing pupil progress

Communication between all parties involved with your child

Other support services available

How do we support children with physical, sensory or medical needs?

If children have these needs, a detailed plan would be drawn up in liaison with par-ents, children and other professionals in-volved. Where appropriate the school will also put in place a My Plan Plus.

What other Support Services are there?

To further help your child, our Senco may request advice from the following services:

 Advisory Teaching Service.

 Educational Psychologist

 Behaviour Support Service

 Special Schools Outreach

 Targeted Support Team.

 Speech & Language Therapist

 Physiotherapist/O.T

 School Nurse

 Paediatrician

What is an Education Health & Care Plan (EHC)?

A few children will have complex SEND needing significantly higher lev-els of support. If this happens our Senco will make a request to the Local Authority to undertake a full assess-ment of the child’s needs. The Local Authority may then draw up an EHC Plan for the child which may provide top up funding to the school. The EHC Plan will ensure long term support for your child and will be reviewed annu-ally

How is support funded?

Every school has a delegated budget, within which is an allocated amount for SEND. Where a child requires addition-al support with their learning and /or well-being, the first £6,000 will be paid from this school budget. Where further support is needed, we can consult with you to consider requesting an EHC Plan and an application for top up funding.

Further Information

Our Senco.

Our School SEN Policy.

Our School SEN Governor


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