Weekly Newsletter – Monday 28th June 2021 – Friday 2nd July 2021


Hello Everyone,

I hope you have had a positive week.

We have been busy practising for our assemblies that we are so looking forward to sharing with you over the next couple of weeks. We are keeping everything crossed for the weather to be good so we can invite you into our garden to watch the assembly. You will also be able to look at your child’s learning in their books. We will be filming the assembly and we will make this available to you on line. I can assure you this will be done safely so only you can access the film of the assembly. The film will be shared with the parents of the children in your child’s class so if you do not wish for your child to be filmed please let us know. If the weather is poor we will have to cancel the live assembly.

Monday 5th July                Oak

Tuesday 6th July                  Willow

Wednesday 7th July           Apple

Thursday 8th July               Cherry

Monday 12th July              Lime

Wednesday 14th July       Birch

Assemblies will start at 2.30 prompt. We will open the side gate at 2.20. Please remember we cannot accommodate more than 2 adults for each child safely. Please do not put staff in a difficult position and request that more people attend. Thank you.

We have to limit the numbers to comply with Covid restrictions. There will be benches for you to sit on. We request that no more than 4 people sit on a bench. We are sorry but we are unable to provide toilet facilities.

Please leave the site at 2.55 p.m. so that the site is clear for the end of the school day. Thank you.

We will be sending home letters with details of your child’s class and their teacher and TA on Monday 12th July. Your child will spend the afternoons of Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15th July in their new classrooms with their new teachers and TAs.

We will be sending home your child’s end of year report on Friday 16th July.

It really has been a strange and difficult school year so we sincerely hope that you are able to come into our garden so we can at least celebrate the children’s wonderful achievements with you. We also sincerely hope, that, by September, we are able to return to all of our usual parent and school activities as we have really missed those this year.

The Covid-19 Local Support Grant has now been extended, applications are now open until September 30th at 5pm.

The Covid-19 Local support Grant was created to support people who have been financially impacted by Covid-19. The grant can help with the cost of food, household bills and other household essentials. Applications for the COVID-19 Local Support Fund will close at 5pm on the 30th September 2021. Families or individuals can apply directly but applications can also be submitted by professionals who are working with families (providing consent has been sought) for those who may have trouble accessing the link.

The application form and further information can be found here: https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/health-and-social-care/gloucestershire-welfare-support-scheme/covid-19-local-support-grant-find-out-more-and-apply/how-to-apply/#main

We all need to continue to be very careful as Covid case are really on the rise across Gloucestershire.

We hope you have a happy and healthy weekend.

Best Wishes,

Rachel Edwards